Why I love travelling? 


Growing up in India and New Zealand, I was exposed to the vibrancy of bustling Bombay and the solitude and she’ll be right mate attitude of suburban Auckland. Although at first it took some adjusting, I grew to love Auckland and call it home yet can still go back to India and cherish the sensory overload and customs I experience there. With a Russian first name, a Portuguese last name, and living in three different countries on a long term basis, you could say I’m something of a global citizen.

I have travelled widely as a child with my family, spending my 12th birthday between Cologne, Germany and Salzburg, Austria and developed a love of cultural differences.  From eating water-bugs in Thailand to hurtling down the sand dunes at Monument Valley, I enjoy living in the moment and sharing these experiences with others so that they can grow to love the places and people that I have seen. I guess when you travel, there is no pressure on you to fit into a certain version of expectation that people have of you, because no one knows who you are. So what I love about it is discovering the beautiful and historic sites I see, the people I meet along the way and experiencing these subtle nuances of myself and what I am capable of when no one knows what to expect of me.

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